Artist Statement

---The Bliss of Creating projects and artwork is its connection to people before me, people now and people that come after me. I work to be a part of the chain. My Training came from mentors and I mentor. it is an unspeakable honor to participate in timeless.

---I like to watch things GROW to be the best they can be. As a Creator, each project or artwork is born with a life of its own. It is usually quiet at first. I just develop it to be itself. When a work can show its authentic nature, it is now timeless beauty and timeless interest whether that is authentic sadness, joy or indifference. It retains its value and is useful to humanity.

---My Life's work has generally been about the study, formation and extensioin of matter beyond its physical structure. What intrigues me is what is invisible in and around matter but yet is present to the four other senses. This Can be felt or known with proof or without proof in the measurable sciences. For example: Knowing when someone is standing behind you (without seeing or hearing them as proof) vs. sensing the gravitational fields between objects (provable via measurable science). To paint and sculpt with the sensibitliy of seeing a sound or tasting a color with my eyes is what I DO.